My Home Connect - Home Security SystemMy Home Connect - Home Security System


My Home Connect is the residential/consumer arm of the highly successful and respected company Omnivision ( My Home Connect came into being as a result of new technological developments in smart devices, cloud technology and connected devices.

My Home Connect provides security, safety, home automation, and peace of mind at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

My Home Connect sources products only from reputable globally recognised companies in the USA and around the world. The Oplink product is made by Oplink, which is a NASDAQ listed company, located in the Silicon Valley, California, USA.


To transform 1 million homes into safe, secure, Smart Homes in Australia and New Zealand by 2020.


  • Transform homes into smart homes providing cost effective solutions that are technologically advanced and proven. Make this transformation affordable to all.
  • Empower people, families, neighbourhoods and communities feel safer, secure and in control and more connected to their home and environment.
  • Reduce burglaries and crime in the home.
  • Assist families to stay connected with their elderly and/or disabled easily no matter where they are.
  • Create a work place that is happy and productive where, people are treated with courtesy, kindness, and respect.
  • Create wealth in abundance to all stakeholders and to contribute a portion of that wealth back into communities to fight crime.

My Home Connect's Chronology

Our journey is full of rewarding experiences. We have come a long way to become one of the
best and most trusted home security systems company in Australia and New Zealand.

1999 OmniVision Founded

OmniVision founded and commenced operations. First McDonald’s store in Australia goes with Digital Video Recording through OmniVision.

First company to bring digital recorders (DVRs) to mass market.

First company with: * 160 frame per second recorder  * MPEG compression  * Multi-camera playback system  * Fastest remote viewing  * HSDI technology to the mass market

2005 IP systems installation.

OmniVision was One of the first companies to install an IP system in 2005.

Winner of Australian Achievers Award

In 2008 BP contractor of the year. Last two years winner of Australian Achiever Awards.

2014 My Home Connect Incorporated.

Awards 2014 My Home Connect was incorporated to serve the residential market. First company to introduce the Internet of Things (IoT)

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