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Apartment Security

Protecting My Apartment

Your apartment is your sanctuary. Protecting and securing your apartment is now easier with My Home Connect apartment security systems. Some of the benefits of protecting your apartment with My Home Connect are explored below:

Secure Apartment

My Home Connect provides a protection shield for your apartment. You are able to monitor all security threats via the mobile app at anytime. My Home Connect offers an apartment security system that works for you and your loved ones.

Automate Apartment

With simple operation in your smart phone, My Home Connect brings convenience and luxury to your apartment. Whatever you can plug in, you can control. Simple apartment and home automation in the palm of your hands.

Enjoy The Freedom

After ensuring apartment security and apartment automation, you can enjoy the freedom knowing that you are in complete control of your home and devices. My Home Connect home security and automation system has you all the way.

Simple & Easy

The home security system by My Home Connect was designed to greatly simplify your life. From the easy to use mobile app to the super easy installation, its all a walk in the park with My Home Connect. The apartment security system aims to eliminate all the complexities and focus more on helping you to protect your apartment and goods.

Highly Portable

My Home Connect home security system is highly portable. This implies that when you move from one apartment to the next you do not have to invest in a new home security system, you just have to move with your existing kit. This saves you huge cash and you get to enjoy your freedom everywhere, anytime.

System is Expandable

My Home Connect home security system is expandable. This is a huge benefit for you in that when you move from one apartment to the next and you feel the need to expand the system or add more functionality, its just a matter of connecting more add-ons. Adding the add-ons is simply a matter of scanning QR codes via the app.

Apartment Security System For You

Take control of your apartment and feel in charge of your security.
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Home Automation

My Home Connect offers various exceptional apartment and home security solutions so you can have total control of your apartment. Whatever appliances you plug in our smart devices are all under your control. Now that is smart home automation.

24/7 Video Surveillance

While you are away, push notifications and video footages allow you to take control of your possessions in no time. Wherever you are, you can make sure your apartment and its contents are safe.

A better way to secure your home

My Home Connect aims to offer cutting edge home security systems to let you manage and connect with your home in a totally new way. Without monthly fees and installation fees, you can save money and design a suitable security system for your apartment and budget.

Peace Of Mind

With My Home Connect, you are at peace. Knowing that your apartment is secure and having that essential control over your apartment and devices is the ultimate peace of mind.

Protecting my apartment

Living in an apartment in one of the busiest areas of the city, I constantly worry about robberies. There have been recent reports in my area of a few house break-ins and that was enough for me to lose my sleep.

With My Home Connect I can relax knowing there are surveillance systems out there which I can monitor anytime I want, along with alarm systems that provide me with notifications so that I can inform the police anytime the situation becomes dangerous.

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A smarter home is a safer home. Go smart with My Home Connect.


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