My Home Connect - Home Security SystemMy Home Connect - Home Security System

What is My Home Connect?

My Home Connect is a home security and alarm system that lets you manage and connect with your home in a revolutionary way. It’s the ultimate solution for smart home security, video monitoring and automation under one hub making your life secure and more convenient for you and your family.

No Monthly Fees

No contracts. No monthly fees. No hidden fees. Once you have your My Home Connect home security and automation Kit you are all set. This allows you to save money and avoid unnecessary monthly costs and contracts.

Wireless Easy Setup

My Home Connect Kit is truly plug and play. You can install it with ease. You can add additional devices to the home security system by simply scanning QR codes. This is perfect as it saves you from spending money on unnecessary installation costs.

Visual Verification

With SMS audio and video push notifications to multiple authorised users, providing you with instant visual verification you can reduce false home security alarms and decrease the level of stress. It is the ultimate diy alarm system.

A Smarter Home Security & Automation




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Excellent Support

We offer a wide range of support to keep your home security system working properly including online tutorials, FAQs as well as email and phone support options.

Cloud Technology

The home automation system is built on an intelligent cloud based architecture. This enables fast, accurate communication, high scalability and improved home security.

High Performance

My Home Connect  home alarm system is highly responsive. It keeps track of all the events captured by the home security system and you can monitor everything in real time.

Super Precision App

The MivaLife app allows you to manage everything from one single location, using your phone. You are connected to your home at any given moment wherever you are.

Global Acess

You can control your home and devices from anywhere in the world at any given moment. The definition of true freedom and control of your home or business via home automation.

High Rating From Users

Our customers and reviewers love My Home Connect home security system. Please visit the reviews page to see what other customers and industry reviewers are saying about us.


A smarter home is a safer home. Go smart with My Home Connect.


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