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Do It Yourself Alarm Systems

My Home Connect provides you with true Do It Yourself Alarm Systems that are super easy to install. In essence, it is the true plug and play, DIY alarm security system. Our do it yourself systems were designed with you in mind. We wanted to give you the ability to enjoy the product rather spend a lot of time on installing it.

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DIY Alarm With Easy Wireless Setup

Do it yourself alarms are an absolute saviour in modern day home security system provisioning. Installing home alarm systems used to mean spending a large amount of money on professional installers to hardwire your home, signing a long-term contract, then paying huge fees month after month to keep the system running.

This posed a huge problem in that there were extra hidden costs emanating from maintenance costs and costs from frequent false alarms. My Home Connects’ Do It Yourself Alarm systems were designed to solve all these problems and bring the best customer experience and comprehensive security. They are the right do it yourself alarm systems conditioned to provide you with the ultimate security.

Best DIY Home Alarm System

The system is a true do it yourself alarm system with simple plug and play capabilities. The DIY alarm system comes with other DIY-friendly devices and sensors that work with your smartphone via our user friendly mobile application and you can move them around the house as you please or take them with you when you move houses.

My Home Connects’ do it yourself alarm systems put you in control of your home and devices whether you own a house or rent a studio apartment. All these DIY alarm system goodies come with no unnecessary contracts and no monthly fees giving you the ultimate peace of mind at a cost you can afford.

Another huge benefit is that push notifications are sent directly to your mobile device plus the devices of other nominated family members. This means that you will cut off all the unnecessary alarm system monitoring costs and gives you the ability to verify and qualify the alarms yourself.

The additional nominated family members provides a second layer of protection in that if you miss the alarm you are guaranteed that someone is going to get a notification as well and respond to the security threat in no time.

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Configuring of your Do It Yourself Alarm System.

Configuring your Do It Yourself Alarm System is super easy with My Home Connect. Our wireless DIY alarm system means that there are no cables to run under floorboards, carpets or surface clip along walls that come with traditional home security systems.

All you need is 20 minutes to install our wireless DIY alarms. Additional devices from security cameras, panic alert buttons and sensors can be easily added to the system by scanning a QR Code on the device via our easy to use mobile application.

Our do it yourself alarm systems are all controlled from your mobile device. With My Home Connect it is super easy to enjoy your DIY alarm and secure your home properly. Protect yourself in minutes with our reliable do-it-yourself alarm home system.


So whether you’re going on vacation, or just turning the lights out in the wake of a prolonged day at work, a do-it-yourself alarm system provides the ultimate peace of mind, protecting both your belongings and most importantly your family and loved ones.

Why not secure your home with our truly do it yourself alarm systems today and enjoy a safer and smarter home? Please visit our shop page or contact us on 1300 688 788 for further details.


A smarter home is a safer home. Go smart with My Home Connect.


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