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Elderly Security

My Home Connect offers a reliable elderly security system helping you keep your loved elderly ones safe and sound. We have made the elderly security system technology so simple that at the touch of a button friends or family can be alerted anywhere at anytime, providing you with the ultimate peace of mind and assurance.

An Elderly Security System For You

Elderly security is of utmost importance to us. Statistics show that the elderly and sick can be prime targets for robbery and crime. Home security and alarm systems provide the perfect shield for seniors and the elderly, especially for those that live alone.

With a reliable and easy to use elderly security system we have made it feasible and affordable to protect your loved ones at all times. The system can work across the board covering all home security scenarios from fire alarms, gas leaks or other hazards in the home.

The fact that elderly security and monitoring system is super easy to use makes it all worthy. Bringing you the best elderly security and protection for your loved ones.

Installing The Elderly Security System

Our security alarm system was designed with the elderly in mind. Having this in mind, the ease of use and installation was a critical driver in developing the elderly security system. The user simply has a panic alert button or pendant that can be worn around the neck, wrist or placed anywhere within their reach.

Its operation is as easy as pressing the panic button and nominated family members and friends can be notified via push notifications on their mobile phones and devices and via emails as well as a back up. The beauty of the elderly security system is it works from anywhere at anytime so you know that your loved ones are safe at all times.

The whole security system is easily connected to a central hub that runs on high-end cloud technology. Adding the panic button and home security cameras to the systems is as easy as scanning the QR codes on each of the devices via our user-friendly mobile application.

Easy Steps For Using the Elderly Alarm System

  • Step 1 Press the button on your pendant on your neck, wrist or anywhere within your reach.
  • Step 2 Instant mobile notifications are sent to registered family members and friends and also back up emails.

That’s all!! My Home Connects’, elderly security and alarm system is a truly easy to use and Do It Yourself alarm system that was designed with the elderly in mind. We removed all the complexities associated with the other traditional elderly security systems to give you a system that you can install and enjoy with ease.

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Alarm Systems For Elderly And Sick People

Elderly alarm systems are vital especially in the event of a burglary or medical emergencies. The elderly security system by My Home Connect provides seniors with complete protection.

Seniors and the elderly living alone are prone to these burglaries and medical emergencies. Frequently, break-ins happen due to the burglar observing the home and behaviour of the elderly residing at the house before breaking in and robbing the victim.

Studies show that seniors and the elderly do have a higher risk of falling or involvement in a home accident. With My Home Connects elderly security and alarm system, seniors can get help with the simple push of a button. You are guaranteed optimum security for your seniors and loved ones. Try it Today!


A smarter home is a safer home. Go smart with My Home Connect.


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