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Home Security Systems, Home Alarm Systems and Home Automation.

Home Automation

You are smart, so is your home. My Home Connect offers various exceptional home automation solutions so you can have total control of your home with all smart devices under your control.

Home Security

My Home Connect uses the latest wireless technology to provide the best home security from anywhere in the world. Wherever you are, you can remotely access your home surveillance systems and even turn off your coffee machine.

Home Alarms

False alarms are now a thing of the past! My Home Connects’ video verification home security solution enables you to avoid unnecessary responses to false home alarms or catch the home invasion in the act when the home alarm is real.

Security Alarms

Tedious wires and complicated setups will haunt you no more! My Home Connect makes security alarm system installation embarrassingly simple and makes it that much smarter. Smarter home security and automation.

Reliable Home Security

With My Home Connect home security system, you are always at home, safe and secure.
Discover some of the features that makes My Home Connect home security and automation system unique and right for you.

Unlimited Devices

You can add as many devices as you want to your home security system with seamless integration.

Easy Portability

Take it with you when you move house, making it easily portable.

Disaster Warnings

You can be warned about fire outbreaks, water leaks and flood detection in the house wherever you are.

Easy Installation

Installing the home security system is as simple as plugging in the devices and installing the application.

Multi-User Notification

You and 5 of your family members get push notifications, making it much more reliable.

Video Verification

You can play back the video footage for verification to avoid unnecessary false alarms.

Client Reviews

When it comes to securing your home, don’t just take out word for it. We are dedicated to providing the best home security and home automation system possible for you.

Why My Home Connect?

My Home Connect lets you take control of your home with easy home automation. Our wireless home alarm system means that installation is a simple do it yourself alarm setup. You can literally have the home security system running in 20 minutes.
Here are some of the things that makes our home security system great.

Experience a smarter home

At My Home Connect we are pushing the technology boundaries to ensure that we provide you
with the best home security system that bring your home to life. Watch the video below
to experience the home security and automation technology.

Smarten Your Home Today.

Purchase your smart home security kit today and enjoy peace of mind. Do it yourself home alarm systems that secure and smarten your home.
With My Home Connect home security and automation system, you are always at home.


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Easy Monitoring

  • 24/7 Video Surveillance.
  • Instant Visual Verification.
  • Truly Plug and Play.
  • Manage Devices.
  • Multi-user Access.
  • Remote Access.
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