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Protecting My Holiday Home

Your holiday home is your rejuvenation. You are not there most of the time and sometimes you rent it out. You rightfully worry about the state of things there and its security. Some of the benefits of using My Home Connect to secure your holiday home are explored below:

Secure Holiday Home

My Home Connect provides a protection shield for your holiday home. You are able to monitor all security threats via the mobile app at anytime.

Automate Holiday Home

With simple operation in your smart phone, My Home Connect brings convenience and luxury to your holiday home. Whatever you can plug in, you can control.

Enjoy The Freedom

After securing and automating your holiday home, you can enjoy the freedom knowing that you are in complete control of your holiday home and its devices.

A Peace Of Mind

My Home Connect simplifies your life. Now you do not have to worry about your holiday home because should anything happen, you will get push notifications with audio and video in real time. This gives you a peace of mind and lets you enjoy your freedom and peace wherever you are.

Multi User Notification

With My Home Connects multi-user notification features, you can simply add family members or friends the system and get that extra shield of protection. This is a huge benefit for you in that if it so happens that you miss a notification, you are guaranteed that there is another family member who will get it.

Monitor Events

With the easy to use mobile app, you can monitor all the activities happening at your holiday house. This gives you freedom in visually verifying that everything is ok in your holiday home. With My Home Connect, you will always feel connected to your holiday home even when are not physically there.

True Peace Of Mind.

My Home Connect is your ultimate guardian and guarantor for your peace of mind.
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Holiday Home Automation

My Home Connect offers various exceptional security solutions so you can have total control of your holiday house. Whatever appliances you plug in our smart devices are all under your control.

24/7 Video Surveillance

While you are away, push notifications and video footages allow you to take control of your possessions in no time. Wherever you are, you can make sure everyone in your holiday house is safe and sound.

A better way to secure your holiday house

My Home Connect aims to offer cutting edge home security systems to let you manage and connect with your holiday home in a totally new way. Without monthly fees and installation fees, you can save money and design a suitable security system for your holiday home and budget.

Peace Of Mind

With My Home Connect, you are at peace. Knowing that your house is secure and having that essential control over your home and devices is the ultimate peace of mind.

Protecting my holiday home

I am blessed to own a holiday home, but it also comes with a curse as I have to constantly worry about the safety of my home when I am away from it. I needed something to keep my mind away from the worries when I go away from my holiday getaway.

With My Home Connect, I can relax as I have all the video footage being recorded and easily accessible through my mobile app. I can control all the security sensors and receive notifications if anything goes wrong. Knowing that my home is in safe hands, I can continue with my daily schedule and avoid unnecessary stress.

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A smarter home is a safer home. Go smart with My Home Connect.


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