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A Home Security System You Can Rely On

My Home Connect provides you a truly easy to install home alarm and security system. One of the best home security systems designed with you in mind to give you the ultimate peace of mind. In essence, it is the true plug and play, DIY home security system.

Home Security Systems

Feeling safe and secure in your own home is priceless. It is the ultimate peace we all strive for.

My Home Connect offers the most advanced, revolutionary, state-of-the-art home security systems providing safety, home automation and security alarm monitoring.

It is the only alarm system in Australia which gives you real time video verification and monitoring absolutely FREE! as a home security systems solution provider, we take pride in ensuring that our customers access the best home security with ease.

Further, it is the only home security alarm system that offers alarms, security cameras (CCTV), panic/duress alerts, fire detection, water leak detection, monitoring and automation all in the one. It is one of the most comprehensive home security systems in the market today.

CCTV, Alarm System & Home Automation In One

Our home security and alarm systems include:

  • IP Cameras – Enabling you to monitor your house and/or business 24/7 from anywhere.
  • 16GB USB Drive – Cameras will record 5 seconds pre-alarm and 25 seconds post alarm should the alarm be triggered.
  • Multi Sensors (Reed Switches) – Install them anywhere like windows, doors, manholes, jewellery box etc. Through our smart home security mobile app, you will get instant notification if any of the above is open without your permission.
  • Motion Sensors (PIRs) – These sensors within our home security systems offer you highly sensitive response to motion, theft and other dangers.

Our all in one home security system will take care of your home security, home automation and security alarm needs. We have always been driven to develop and produce the best home security systems that can take all the security burden from your shoulders and let you enjoy other things that matter to you.

Home Security Packed With Features

  • Water Leak Sensors – Allowing you to get instant notifications when there are water leaks, floods or fluid spills. Install it in the laundry, near the bath etc…
  • Panic/Duress Buttons – This is perfect for your parents/elderly loved ones. In the event of duress, by just pressing the panic button you and five other family members will get instant notifications via the home security app. And a video clip.
  • Sonic Heat Sensors – In the event of fire outbreaks, you are covered with My Home Connects’ home security and alarm systems. Push notifications are sent directly to your app instantly allowing you to make informed decisions. The home security systems work with your existing smoke detectors.
  • Smart Plugs – Whatever you can plug in, you can control. This smart home automation feature gives you ultimate control over your appliances and devices consequently creating a smart home that you deserve.
home automation systems

Guaranteed Peace Of Mind

My Home Connects’ comprehensive surveillance systems allow you to monitor what goes on in your home and/or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This gives you ultimate control over your house and devices giving you peace of mind. The home security system gives you world class security in the palm of your hands.

You have the option of choosing amongst 3 home security kits depending on your personal needs and the size of your property.

You can also expand your home alarm systems as you please by adding additional add-ons as the need arises. This gives you total power on how you want to setup the home security system placing additional devices when and where you want.

Smarter Home Security Systems

Tech experts recommend My Home Connects’ home security system and call it “an outstanding value”. Why? We got rid of everything that makes most home security such a hassle. There are no contracts, no middlemen, no hidden costs, no installation costs and no landline needed for your free video monitoring and verification. With our home security systems, you get superior protection at a much lower cost than what traditional security companies are offering.

Get the best value home security and protect your home, your valuables and most importantly your family from danger and theft now. Get a My Home Connect home security system.


A smarter home is a safer home. Go smart with My Home Connect.


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