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Smarter Home Security

My Home Is Smart, So Am I.  Protecting your home has never been easier with My Home Connect home security. Smarter home security has been a major driving force behind the design of My Home Connects’ home security system. We wanted you to enjoy the best home security system with ease. We eliminated all the hassles associated with installation and maintenance to ensure that you enjoy the security system in no time with total transparency.

Home Security With Ease

My Home Connect provides a protection shield for your home. You are able to monitor all home security threats via the mobile app at anytime.


With simple operations in your smart phone, the home security brings convenience and luxury to your home. Whatever you can plug in, you can control.


After securing and automating your home, you can enjoy the freedom knowing that you are in complete control of your home and devices.


My Home Connect home security system is super easy to install and configure. From the easy to use mobile app to the super fast, wireless installation, its all a walk in the park with My Home Connect. The home security system eliminates all complexities and saves you huge on installation costs and alike.


Should anything happen to your home or if there are any intruders, you will be notified via our intelligent home security app. You can get both video and audio clips of the event no-matter where you are. This greatly helps you eliminate crime, secure your home and enjoy the freedom that you rightfully deserve from the added home security.


With My Home Connect, you are at peace. Knowing that your house is secure and having that essential control over your home and devices is the ultimate peace of mind. With DIY home security, you will have your system up and running in no time.

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With My Home Connect you are always at home. My Home Connect offers various exceptional home security solutions so you can have total control of your house. Whatever appliances you plug in our smart devices are all under your control.


While you are away, push notifications and video footages allow you to take control of your possessions in no time. Wherever you are, you can make sure everyone in your family is safe, secure and smiling.


My Home Connect aims to offer cutting edge home security systems to let you manage and connect with your home in a totally new way. Without monthly fees and installation fees, you can save money and design a suitable home security system for your home and budget.

Smarter Home Security Systems

Tech experts recommend My Home Connects’ home security system and call it “an outstanding value”. Why? We got rid of everything that makes most home security such a hassle. There are no contracts, no middlemen, no hidden costs, no installation costs and no landline needed for your free video monitoring and verification. With our home security system, you get superior protection at a much lower cost than what traditional security alarm companies are offering.

Get the best value home security and protect your home, your valuables and most importantly your family from danger and theft now. Visit our shop and get a My Home Connect home security system today.


A smarter home is a safer home. Go smart with My Home Connect.


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