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Protecting My Kids

As a parent, protecting your kids is of utmost importance. My Home Connect helps you protect your kids and gives you a sense of relief. Some of the benefits of using My Home Connect kids security system are explored below:

Protect My Kids

My Home Connect provides a protection shield for your kids. You are able to monitor all their activities via our smart mobile app at anytime. The ultimate kids security and monitoring system!

Monitor Activities

From eliminating kid security threats to monitoring what your kids do in both your presence and absence, My Home Connect gives you the ultimate security and control.

Enjoy The Freedom

After protecting your kids, you can enjoy the freedom knowing that your kids are safe and you are in complete control of your home and devices through our reliable home automation system and alarm systems.

Monitor Your Kids

With My Home Connect you can easily monitor your kids and their corresponding activities. This helps maintain a peace of mind knowing where they are and what they are doing at any given moment. It also gives you the chance to see their behaviours when you are not around ensuring kids security at all times.

Protect Your Kids

The super easy and reliable home security system by My Home Connect enables you to protect your kids from anywhere at anytime. Via the instant video and audio notifications, you can easily tell if your kids are in danger or not and proceed accordingly. The kid security videos can be viewed on your smart devices at your convenience.

A Peace Of Mind

There is nothing as peaceful as knowing, at any given moment that your kids are safe and sound. My Home Connect gives you this privilege via its kids security and monitoring system. You can keep track of your kids via the mobile app and know they are safe at anytime. My Home Connect is the ultimate guarantor of a peace of mind.

Kids Security Giving You Peace.

My Home Connect is your ultimate guardian and guarantor for your peace of mind.
Explore more benefits from its kids security and monitoring system.


Secure Family

My Home Connect offers various exceptional kid security solutions so you can have total control of your house & family. You can monitor your kids from anywhere at anytime.

24/7 Video Surveillance

While you are away, push notifications and video footages allow you to be in touch with your kids activities. Wherever you are, you can make sure everyone in your family is safe and smiling.

A better way to secure your home

My Home Connect aims to offer cutting edge home security systems to let you manage and connect with your home in a totally new way. Without monthly fees and installation fees, you can save money and design a suitable kids security system for your home and budget.

Peace Of Mind

With My Home Connect, you are at peace. Knowing that your kids are secure and having that essential control over your home and devices is the ultimate peace of mind.

Protecting my kids

As a parent, I hate to leave my children with the nanny and go to work but its an essential part of life and it must be done. I was paranoid about the state of my children and I used to often visit them during my lunch breaks, or call the nanny every few hours to check up on the updates.

Installing My Home Connect has provided me with a major relief as I now check on my children through my phone and whenever there is an indication of anything dangerous, I receive notification on my phone. Life is now simple and better with My Home Connects’ kids security and monitoring system!

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Kids Security System
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A smarter home is a safer home. Go smart with My Home Connect.


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