My Home Connect - Home Security SystemMy Home Connect - Home Security System

My Home Connect Security System Highlights

The Internet of Things is one of the massive growth areas of the technology sector, and Home Security is one of the areas that will benefit from this connected environment. I had an opportunity to use a new home security product from My Home Connect, which offers IP connected sensors and cameras to create a security system that is easy to install, monitor and control.


I particularly like the ability to add extra components, like smart plugs, to the mix. Being able to check on your house from anywhere in the world, and even turn lights on and off while away is a feature that I’d never want to be without, now that I’ve tried it.

I spoke with Glenn Wheeler on my Tech Talk segment and did a live demonstration, which funnily enough took a comical turn and actually proved I was watching and listening in to my home. Check it out here:



A smarter home is a safer home. Go smart with My Home Connect.


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