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My Home Connect simplifies home security

My Home Connect’s Oplink promises smartphone-linked alarm, CCTV and home automation with genuinely easy installation

04 February 2015 By  Stephen WithersIT- Wire

Security provider Omnivision’s My Home Connect operation has launched the Oplink range of security products that are designed for easy DIY installation and configuration.

The list of modules includes a video camera (illustrated above), door/window sensor, motion detector, water leak detector (illustrated below), heat sensor (which also reacts to the sound of smoke detectors), panic buttons (perhaps for elderly or infirm people), and a remotely-activated ‘smart plug’ for controlling lights and other mains powered devices.

One processing unit is required, and can handle up to eight cameras and an unlimited number of sensors.

The system is controlled with a mobile app that is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The modules can be installed without screws or drilling, and the various components are logically connected by scanning their QR codes with the app.

When a sensor is triggered, an alert is pushed to as many as six smartphones or tablets, along with a 30-second video clip, including the five seconds before the alarm.

This allows the user to contact the police if there really is an intruder on the premises.

The app can also be used to monitor a camera at any time (for example to check that children have arrived home from school) and switch smart plugs on or off (e.g., to turn on some lights if you’re late getting home).

Multiple premises can be monitored from one mobile device, making the system attractive for small business owners.

This combination of multi-user, multi-premises capability with integrated security and smart home features is said to be unique in the market.

“The system is peace of mind made easy and very cost effective for everyone who has something to protect,” said Omnivision CEO Raam Siva.

Three starter kits are available, beginning with the ‘smart renter’ comprising a processing unit, one camera, two door/window sensors, one siren, one video storage device, one smart plug and one UPS for $1,260 – currently on sale $990.

The ‘smart couple’ (illustrated, top) and the ‘smart family’ bundles usually cost $1,590 and $1,890 respectively, but at present are reduced to $1,290 and $1,560.

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