Smart Home Security Couple Kit


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OPLink Smart Couple Kit

 Wireless Security and Alert System

Oplink’s TripleShield™ wireless security, monitoring, and surveillance system is a first-of-its-kind, plug & play home security solution for your home or business that requires no pairing and installs in minutes. TripleShield provides reliable, 24/7 high quality live video so you can monitor your home or business from anywhere in the world, and it seamlessly integrates multiple video streams from different locations into one easy-to-use smartphone interface.

Leveraging our Smart & Secure Cloud Technology and integrated software service platform, TripleShield provides fast, accurate alerts and notifications to multiple authorized users. It will even record and send a video clip 5 seconds before and 25 seconds after an event is triggered, providing you with the verification you need to take appropriate action.

Like all Oplink solutions, you can quickly and easily expand your system at any time by adding other Oplink plug & play devices, such as additional cameras or sensors.


  • Have peace of mind secure your home as well as your holiday home.
  • Make sure your elderly parents are OK. Get alerts when your kids come home from school. And watch over your pets when you are not home.
  • Don’t pay for installation. DIY. Truly ‘plug ‘n play’ smart system.
  • Protect doors, windows, manholes, even your liquor cabinet, safe or jewellery box. Move around your camera or sensors as and when you want.
  • Renters, take it with you when you move. No wires!
  • Stay connected whenever and wherever you are through your Smartphone.
  • Don’t pay for traditional monitoring as police will not attend without visual verification.
  • Receive real time push notifications with audio and video to visually verify if an alarm is real or false.
  • Have 5 other family members connected who will also receive push notifications simultaneously if the alarm is triggered. Add 5 more contacts like friends and neighbours for a second level of protection.
  • Get discounts on your insurance for having 24/7 monitoring with video and visual verification of incidents.
  • Add on other devices such as Smart Plugs, Flood Detector, Heat & Sonic Fire Detector, and Panic/Duress Buttons.

 Package Contents

  • Oplink Processing Unit (OPU)
  • IP Cameras with auto night vision x2
  • Door/window sensors x2
  • Key fob remotes x2
  • Motion detectors x3
  • Siren x1
  • 16GB video storage device x1
  • Smart Plug x1
  • Mobile app


Additional information

Dimensions(L, W, H)

160 x 120 x 35 mm (exclude antenna)


199 g

Operating Temperature

32° F to 113° F (0° C to 40° C)

Storage Temperature

-40° F to 158° F (-40° C to 70° C)

Network Interface

Ethernet 10/100BaseT (RJ45) LAN

Network Protocols

DHCP, Auto IP Address

WiFi Standard

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

WiFi Frequency

2.4-2.4835 GHz

WiFi Range

30 Meters (120 ft)

RF Standard

433MHz signal

RF Frequency


RF Range

40 Meters (160 ft)

RF Modulation





5V 2A , 500 mA

Function & Feature

1. Uplink : Connect to the Oplink cloud Server 2. Downlink : Handel IP CAM and sensor devices communication