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Customers are at the core of our business. We a dedicated to delivering value and helping our customers get the best home security at a fair price. Here is what some of our customers had to say about us.

Written Testimonials

Rons Testimonial
Rons Testimonial
Melbourne / Australia

Sytem I had before needed updating, also at our age I want to have security around the house. Incase if there is anyone in the house I can turn the alarm on to deter them. So I don’t have go and see who he is. I can turn the lights on…

James May
James May
Brighton / Melbourne

Wherever I am I feel my home is safe and secure. I can check on the house and do not have to worry because My Home Connect has me covered.

Sharon Tran
Sharon Tran
Forrest Hill / Melbourne

With the likely hood of theft happening any time of the day.I found My home connect had a 24 hour monitoring and in addition had real time video streaming which i could playback footage from anywhere on my smart phone.I would think its a great product because i found that setting it up was easy and nothing technical. good product

Video Testimonials

Boyne & Ros Testimonial
Boyne & Ros Testimonial
Boyne & Ros
Ron’s Testimony
Ron’s Testimony
Ron's Testimony


Melbourne, Australia.

“We have had an opportunity to install an alarm system in our home. Throughout this process, we have been communicating with the team from My Home Connect for many months. Nothing has been too much trouble for us and I have found their staff to be efficient and courteous. Having their alarm system in our house has created a common sense of calm and reassurance. Thank you.”

3 - Step Easy Installation.

Securing your home has never been so easy. Secure your home today and enjoy the freedom and peace of mind brought by this powerful home security system.

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Sydney, Australia.

“We’ve had My Home Connect security systems for two years. Their intelligent approach and use of technology saves us lots of money. Their people are trained and professional and show a genuine interest in safeguarding our home. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for reliable security at a fair price for value.”

Industry reviewers thoughts.

We have had industry reviewers evaluate our product to ensure that our customers get the best value for their money. Here is what some of the industry reviewers had to say about My Home Connect.

Other independent reviewers.

Other several independent reviewers have reviewed My Home Connects’ home security products. Some of the main reviews are listed below.

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